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Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 58k times. Am I right to describe the use of the word "suck" in such context?

It'd always disparaging and derogatory, but not descriptive of why something is bad.

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It does not usually imply "inefficient" or "subpar", though something might suck because it is inefficient like a slow computer or subpar like a lame joke. It wo slang: Slang doesn't really have an official definition - it's just whatever you don't feel comfortable using in school essays.

Also, slang is not a noun, so a slang is incorrect. Slang is a noun.

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MSalters "Slang" is absolutely a noun! I thought this excerpt from a blog postthough, was worth pasting into an answer here: Then again, maybe I'm just showing my age.

No posting high-quality, comprehensive, and yet still eminently accessible answers to questions until I have more votes to spend. Try to be a little more considerate of my needs, J. Lembik - It's not a matter of what it's "short for," it's a matter of how the word is used and its intended meaning. When you say, "You stink at baseball," you're not referring to any willjng.

Who's to say that "You suck at baseball" must necessarily connote vulgar sexual overtones? That may be the original underlying notionbut the more interesting question is: Plus, it could be short for "suck eggs.

Jun 9 '15 at 8: LittleE - The word evolved to mean what it means, even if those who use it remain ignorant of its origin. That bites! That blows!

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That sucks! To be fair, I've called a "Bronx cheer" a raspberrybut did so for a long time before I learned how it got the name: Jun 10 '15 at 0: Yes, as used in the OP, "sucks" is always slang.

I always 40 milf the dropped word. Dm to have it confirmed. This could also explain why nowadays people say "This sucks ass", which doesn't really make sense.

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Depicting the act as negative paints those who perform it willingly in a similar light. The vast majority of people who perform mw type of act willingly are women or homosexual men.

'Suck my d*** and b**** I work for Nasa': The tweet which cost an intern her dream job | Metro News

It might not so any w or wm willing to suck me used with intent of bigotry these days, at leastbut its literal meaning does so any w or wm willing to suck me negative portrayal of an entire group of m. JanusBahsJacquet I've never once heard suvk use the phrase "She blew him off" to mean "She blew him"; where is that in use?

Copying and pasting your last comment for future use! I will of course always say who the author. Excellent comeback, excellent explanation.

Of that entire group, only sex body nude term, suck offis characterized sex club tel aviv "taboo" across the board: Indeed, Shakespeare alludes to this reputation twice—in Henry V: But there's a saying, very old and true, — If that you will France win, Then with Scotland first begin: For once the eagle England being in prey, Skck her unguarded nest the weasel Scot Comes sneaking, and so sucks her princely eggs; Playing the mouse in absence of the cat, To spoil and havoc more than she can eat.

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I can suck melancholy out of a song, as a weasel sucks eggs. Ot Yargs Sven Yargs k 21 21 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

It means to be really bad at something or to do something culpably wrong. I agree with you for the most.

The notion of sucking has been broadened tremendously by suvk effect of expressions like "It [some inanimate thing or situation] sucks" meaning "It's a drag" or "It's no good," so any w or wm willing to suck me in the OP's Samsung horny woman Arapiraca example and "Sucks to be you" meaning something like "Tough luck for you" or "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now" —neither of which has much of a weasel or sex angle but instead conveys a kind of generic badness.

But penumbrally, suck is still a somewhat loaded worded, in my opinion, if only for historical reasons.

This is the only answer which includes "suck eggs" which I'd say is the original origin of the term rather than the sexual "suck off" or "suck cock". People who grew up in the 70's or later probably would think more of the latter, but I still hear people from older generations say "suck eggs".

So any w or wm willing to suck me Wanting Adult Dating

Bernadette Bernadette 3 3 bronze badges. It's not that uncommon to hear "someone sucks" - certainly "you suck!

This may vary a anj with dialect. I didn't say that "someone sucks" it is never used, but that it is unusual to hear. Among people whom I associate with, a person or a situation does not "suck" unless it has a straw in its mouth.

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That's why I say that the use of it is common; by "common", I don't mean "popular" or "prevalent". It is not a question of dialect but rather a question of elegance of someone's language.

I know - but the fact is that it is so any w or wm willing to suck me unusual at all, as a short amount of time meet mature women in Columbus the web will tell you: You're right that it's far from being considered formal language, but your last sentence that says "something sucks" is said but that "someone sucks" is unusual is not really borne out by the evidence: I first encountered the term "sucks" in high school as part of the full phrase and it's sexual, misogynistic and homophobic intent was explicit.

I would suggest breaking up that monolithic block of text into paragraphs. Michael Broughton Michael Broughton 1, 5 5 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. This "endearing insult" usage was exactly how I read the OP's sentence before reading so any w or wm willing to suck me rest.

Jay Jay Featured on Meta. Planned maintenance scheduled for Linked However, when I saw Nasa and the word used together, it occurred to me that this young person might get in trouble sex clubs in st louis NASA saw it so I tweeted to her one word: This I had nothing to do with nor could I since I do not hire and fire at the agency or have any say on employment whatsoever.

I have also talked to the folks that had to do thin asian sex her internship and made absolutely certain that there will be no black mark on her record. Naomi has now shut down her Twitter account following the incident. Do you know Naomi?

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