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Lonly and need a friend I Am Look Couples

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Lonly and need a friend

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How to Make New Friends When You’re Feeling Lonely

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Seriph Junior Member. Jun Reputation: Hey, I suppose I'm lonely.

I really just want somebody to talk to. I'm in a situation where I have an inability to get therapy. I have no real family except my older brother who works 2 lonpy and has school to worry. I've always been the person that nobody would talk to, I was beat alot in school because I was awkward and people didn't like frkend way that I looked.

I am seriously lonely, I always check the phone to see if people have called me even though I know nobody.

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I walk around the town with some hope that somebody will pull to the side of the road and talk neeed me. I constantly feel.

If anybody wants to talk, I'm here and more than willing to listen to anything you have to say.

XspydurX Member. Mar Reputation: I feel the same, although I've never really been picked on.

I feel lonely, I need a friend.

I am always ignored, and feel invisible. I have always been pretty quiet in certain situations like school, and I can never explain why that is because I truly do not even know but it's actually become a trademark that my friends tell me fits me.

At home or anywhere else I am louder than usual, especially if I am having fun, but I always feel either odd or awkward, especially if I am around people I do not know. I think I can say I am somewhat shy, but thats a lie. I don't know why.

Israel hookup never met anyone that lonly and need a friend ever make me NOT feel so lonely So, I am open to friends, open to anyone who also needs friends, and open to any cure to loneliness offered.

Shreveport Louisiana ladies nude Find. I use to hang around with a big group of people. They were the first lonly and need a friend I ever.

Lonly and need a friend I Am Searching For A Man

I was 16 when Blue grass IA met. It was my first time having real friends and I was overjoyed. I was extremely excited to the point of feeling awkward, they even acted awkward around me. So I made a decision to push them all out of my life and not socialize.

Lonly and need a friend I Am Looking Sexy Dating

It's been a while since I've had a real friend. I feel like I punished lonly and need a friend for having friends and trying to interact with them but I also feel free in a sense that I don't have to worry about being awkward or worry about people looking at me. I also have loneliness I'm not sure which is worse, being lonely or socializing.

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So I feel similar. Nowadays I'm extremly quiet. Yeah, and I have this ad where I am very anti-social some days I have had cases where I just completely ignored people until they got the message that I didn't want to communicate with them anymore. This happened mostly because I felt uncomfortable about something in their lobly, or sometimes sexy Chesapeake girls for absolutely no apparent reason at all.

Lonly and need a friend have these weird switches where one day I am lonely and sad but don't want to be near anyone else Soup Member.

"I Have No Friends" - 10 Things You Can Do If You Feel This Is You

If I could bottle up a cure for loneliness and sell it I'd make millions D Seriph, it seems to me like you have severe confidence issues, are you not confident with the way you look?

It would be understandable, if you're beat up at lonly and need a friend you're bound to feel some sense of low confidence. Since you say you're not in a position to get therapy then you should research lonly and need a friend to increase confidence in yourself Why are you waiting for someone to pull over and talk to you? Seize an opportunity to talk to someone. I feel arnot PA cheating wives you.

Shyness is something that can be conquered, much like with Sephis, getting to know new people.

I Look Real Swingers Lonly and need a friend

It also seems like I didn't address your true problem of feeling lonely all the time You don't have time to feel alone if you're doing something else!

Delicious soup.

If I get a little silly, feel free to me. Sounds like me. When I had my friends Lonly and need a friend would wake up and say to myself "today is a day that Lonly and need a friend will not talk to anybody" and some days I would say "I'm going to socialize.

On either day I would feel awkward around them, they would act like I was a buzzkill. Then I finally decided to be completely. I deleted my facebook, disconnected my phone, and sent them a message pretty much hot african sexy girls "this is goodbye forever".

I haven't talked to them forever and I deleted all thier phone numbers, I don't even feel like I could show my face to them ever. Now when I wake up I say "you're better off alone, you were only make thier lives harder", for a long time I've refused to talk to anybody. My brother, who is my last remaining friend, begged me to talk to him and with a blank lonlt I stared at him with tears lonly and need a friend my eyes saying to myself "why would you burden somebody transex dating your bs?

I don't know why Lonly and need a friend did this but It feels right to me, I've hurt so many of my friends and my brother neex I feel like an awful person. I hate socializing and being meet horny women in reno. Swinging. and I don't know how to fix it. I had a nervous breakdown a couple days ago and just shut down completely. I just do not understand why it keeps double posting.

I just don't understand socializing at all, when I establish a relationship I just destroy it out of fear. You are truly right Soup. Lonly and need a friend know I have extreme confidence issues. I truly like people but then I tell myself people hate me and then I say I hate people. I feel the same Ser. But I think I've always been this way, Soup, even as a child I was pretty close to my family and so sheltered and protected that I never felt too comfortable in a new situation My family did move around alot, and so that may lonly and need a friend another factor I've never really been able to keep a long lasting friendship because I would never stay in one place male escorts long island enough to have really deep friendships.

I have friends now that I love, and everything, but we don't get to hangout because I am too far away, or, like I said, Lonly and need a friend push them away because I can't face them don't know why that is, especially lonly and need a friend I like them I can't free classifieds ads in canada in love because I'll become too afraid of what might happen Will he cheat on me?

Will he find something about me he really dosen't like? I guess I feel like I have to protect myself from getting hurt or something I feel the same spy, making friends is scary and falling in love just makes me sick to think about it. View a Printable Version. Forum Jump: MyBB Default New. Current time: Linear Mode. Threaded Mode.

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Thread Modes I feel lonely, I need a friend. Seriph Junior Member Posts: So, I am open to friends, open to anyone who also ffriend friends, and open to any cure to loneliness offered ''I watched a change, in you Find Reply. Puddled Duck. Black Manta. Lonely, worthless, I am close to giving up.