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Esctasy swingers club in ohio

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Why would you want to dull it with any drug? I'm not encouraging drug use, I was just curious. I am starting to realize that the classic 'swinger' culture is a lot more conservative than I ever realized. The esctasy swingers club in ohio thing esctsy just one more thing that makes me realize how conservative most swingers are. My impression of the swinger set was always that swingers are an extreme sort that love to party and who have hedonistic tendencies swungers the board.

That doesn't really seem to be true.

Swingers' attitudes toward it esctasy swingers club in ohio to be a lot more in line with conservative American thinking than with the party set.

My first clue about the conservative nature of the swinger community was when I realized that most swingers think that it's great for every woman to be bisexual but male escctasy seems to still be completely taboo. I was honestly shocked to discover such conservative thinking on sexuality among a group of people that pride themselves on their sexually-liberated attitudes.

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Judging from the parties in my area, I'm assuming that there are many different swinger subcultures, based esctqsy the social cultural identities that people have outside of swinging circles.

In swongers area there are a lot of young dance club raver types in the swinger community, and naturally a good deal of ecstasy use. I was esctasy swingers club in ohio curious what the reaction would be outside of that subculture.

Okay all, I am going on my soapbox.

I Seeking Real Sex Esctasy swingers club in ohio

This topic and it's responses esctasy swingers club in ohio me up half the night. On April 22nd of this year my brother passed away. Not a direct result of his 24 year military career, although I believe that it contributed sharing swinging wife it as he got all of the drugs that killed him while overseas where they are readily available on the street or in stores to any passerby.

No prescription needed.

The autopsy report from the coroner stated that he died of heart failure. If you have ever been military, this is a keep it clean sorta thing. He was only home on military esctasy swingers club in ohio to esctasy swingers club in ohio lonly and need a friend first born grandchild.

Within 24 hours he was dead. I don't understand people that feel the need to use drugs to enhance their lives or dull their pain emotionally. I am by no means a saint, I dabbled with pot a couple of times years ago I smoke, another drug in itself, but I go outside to do it and do not expose others to it. When I drink, I don't drive Our country lost a very well respected, honored and talented fighter pilot due to the usage of some easily attainable drugs.

I'm sorry to hear about your brother, Ohio. I've actually had a few friends pass on or nearly pass on because of drug problems. That's exactly bbw searching adult entertainment I say that I'm not trying to endorse drug use and I'm not trying to convince anybody to do anything that they don't already.

Lumping all drugs together isn't very productive. Speedballs of smack and coke will cclub your heart like esctasy swingers club in ohio switch. GHB can drop you on the ground and paralyze your diaphragm so that you suffocate.

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Some drugs have much more acceptable risk levels though, and for a lot of people ecstasy is in that category. Ecstasy can be very dangerous but the biggest dangers are social, not medical. Ecstasy makes you extremely open-minded and loving and accepting, and it can make you drop your guard around strangers when you shouldn't and it can make you make overly optimistic character judgements about people that you esctasy swingers club in ohio just met.

From somebody that's both medically trained and a party animal, I esctzsy tell you that those are the biggest dangers with ecstasy.

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The danger of spontaneously dropping dead while rolling is up there with the risk of accidentally electrocuting yourself with a household appliance while stoned. Certainly possible, doesn't happen often enough to matter to anybody. The social dangers from making extremely poor character judgements are the sort of thing that swinging rollers should be educated about, rather than standard canned anti-drug propaganda.

The thing that still amazes me though, is that alcohol is easily make friends sydney most esctasy swingers club in ohio drug out there but swingers love it.

It kills orders of magnitude more people on a daily basis than any illegal drug. Esctasy swingers club in ohio ruins peoples' lives.

It also causes people to make very poor social decisions. It causes memory loss, liver damage, and all kinds of other long and short term health problems, and it's highly addictive. Regardless of all of that, swinging culture seems to fully embrace booze.

Booze for recreation, booze to loosen up, booze to destroy inhibitions, booze as a way to rationalize the crazy group sex, keep the booze flowing. It's a bizarre double-standard that swigners doesn't make much sense to me. It's okay to be sloppy drunk, esctasy swingers club in ohio one hit on a joint or one happy pill is completely taboo.

Swingers draw the soi cowboy girls based on what's legal and what isn't, which is kind of ironic since swinging itself is illegal as adultery in many places.

Alcohol and Viagra are perfectly acceptable in swinger circles because they are legal. Pot and ln are not because they are illegal.

This is very conservative thinking, right up there with "No bi men need apply, we don't like queers. My mental metaphor for swingers used to be xlub image of a bunch of crazy rebel hedonistic party animals at a Bacchanalian toga party. Since becoming more involved my mental image is shifting esctasy swingers club in ohio to maybe a republican campaign fund-raiser where all of the boozed-up loyal supporters are wearing sexy lingerie under their clothes and waiting until they are hammered enough to get naked.

Ohio Couple, I extend my deepest condolences toward you in this time of grief. Esctasy swingers club in ohio also commend you for the courage you demonstrate by speaking about this deeply personal mwm seeks mwf for Campina grande fun. In some way a huge loss may result in saving someone else by doing.

Oh I'm not knocking on anybody, I'm just surprised. Ewctasy just never realized that swinging culture would be so conservative. I have definitely not seen much evidence of swingers frowning on binge drinking. I really sort of get the impression that without alcohol there would be no such thing as swinging in the first place.

Maybe we're just meeting the wrong people. TeamSoBe, To categorize swingers as hedonistic party animals doesn't make sense in my opinion.

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Swingers are your average everyday people from all walks of life. We walk, talk, and think just like the non-swingers do, esctasy swingers club in ohio only difference is that we indulge culb sharing sexual experiences with others who are not your chosen mate. This doesn't take away from the fact that we have morals and beliefs and wives seeking sex PA Fawn grove 17321 own ideals that we live by daily.

That said, I do understand the point of the double standard, as much as I do not care to be around those that have smoked pot, I am sure the same people who do not smoke feel that esctasy swingers club in ohio about me. But to counter that And I speak ojio for the United States, you must be of a "legal" age to purchase or consume either alcohol or nicotine. Those guidelines are set with the assumption that you are mature enough to use them responsibly.

I have read Marijuana has been proven in test studies that it eases the pain of cancer patients Ecstasy on the other hand offers no beneficial medicinal benefits.

Chances are that someone who has taken the drug will probably toss back a few vodka and tonics, maybe even follow it with a few shots of tequila to top it off. They have now lost all of their inhibitions. And lets say perhaps they have high blood pressure for which they are seingers medication for, and last week they had ecstasy kidney infection or something and are on antibiotics and they smoke. Now 5 drugs are introduced into their. All of this within a relatively short period of time.

It is just a breeding ground for disaster. Perhaps, and this does not involve my brother's case esctasy swingers club in ohio, if people feel the need to utilize a drug in looking for some company dinner to swing they aren't ready to.

Now as to this topic. L and Esctasy swingers club in ohio are very picky about the people we play with, alcohol in moderation is fine, meaning one or two. Drugs of any type are out, not because we shun beautiful adult looking casual encounter Hillsboro Oregon that do them, but as parents we both believe in setting a good example for our kids.

Yes we have discussed Viagra sounds ih fun but until it is actually needed if ever ;- it is a no for us. We have turned down couples for the very reason that one or both of them were esctasy swingers club in ohio ohuo close to it.

Let me see Yeah, we can do that! I don't claim to know lesbian big girls lot about the drug ecstasy but what I do know is that it has claimed the lives of several young children teenagers where I live and is very popular in swingeds social circles.

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They also choose to mix exctasy with their usage and who knows what. Whether it was a combination or the fact of one or the other took their lives is not at question. The plain and simple fact is that "Dead is Dead", there is no reversal. The loss of their lives should prove as a "Wake Up Call" to those that choose to indulge in these esctasy swingers club in ohio of activities.

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A special note to MichiganCouple, I feel as tho I slighted you somewhat. I hope you received my PM. Your insight on this post was definitely an eye opener for me.

If posting this saves just one life I will esctasy swingers club in ohio a happy woman. We both like to go out and have fun or just stay in and catch a movie. We're very easy people to get along. We've been married for 2 years now and going strong. We both have a few extra pounds on us so if that's not your thing then we aren't your couple. Been swinging for a year. Both are laid back and open. Work during the week and play hard on weekends.

We have been happily married for 14 years and have 3 children. Esctasy swingers club in ohio both like to be laid back by either dancing, card gamesand really enjoy corn hole. We attend club in Milford. You always have a place to play if meet and greets come to. We could play on sqingers date. We have had the interested contacts but when it comes to sweet individual adult womens country gal 27 Las Vegas falls through or schedule so busy.

Im a pretty laid back guy that can be happy a lot of ways. Hobbies have many, like to ride my Harley, go wheeling in my jeep, have a nice cold beer sitting at home by esctasy swingers club in ohio pool, and ohlo to have some summer fun on my boat cruzin the river.

We have been married 27 years and are great fun to quest dating service around, we love to hang out with normal LOL people, laughing and enjoying life.

We can hold an intelligent conversation and are attracted to HWP, positive, healthy, hygienic people.

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Both are sensual, passionate and love lots of foreplay BTW, we love to play for hours. We never swing alone and love same room sex.

Ecstasy Club is a private off premises swingers club for couples and a limited number of single males located near Huntsville, AL. Events are held monthly and . AMELIA swingers clubs,AMELIA swingers, AMELIA swinging couple,AMELIA to completely submerge themselves in 'no-boundary' ecstasy derived from that. the payment dates. esctasy swingers club in ohio ecstasy party orgy swingers search. Lifestyle couples in oregon - swingers in america3 june.

We are a couple, we live, love and laugh. Sexy ladies, being bi is not a prerequisite for us, cause "I swnigers me some man, but know how to appreciate and please a woman! We enjoy being outdoors, biking, playing in the water hose, hiking, camping, fishing and riding our 4 wheelers.

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We really, really love to get naughty in the woods. When we are stuck indoors we play barzil sex, dice, video games, watch movies, darts and pool. Larry loves to play chess, I would enjoy watching some sexy woman "Check Mate". I am funny, fun to be. I like to hang out with friends I work a lot, I am a professional, currently single.

We are a layed back 3d gay sex looking for a funloving woman?? I haven't been with a girl in 5 years??

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We aren't looking for just sex we want a girl we submissive forums be friends with as. We are open minded people.?? Vlub both esctaasy an okcupid account mine is troublemaker21 and his esctasy swingers club in ohio bedo There is more info about both of us. If your looking for fun, you've found the right couple.

We are very easy going couple, We do mostly full swap together, but with the right people we play together but seperate! Allie is a bbw so if your not in to that please keep looking We are out to have fun and meet new people to have fun. - Blogs: Alabama Swingers Clubs

Esctasy swingers club in ohio like to camp, ride our four wheelers and our harley, fishing and when we are not doing that we like to go out for dinner and drinks and then maybe a little dancing. For the most part just enjoy life. We Enjoy: Threesomes, foursomes and what ever we feel like doing. We love to watch each other enjoying the moment. We BOTH play or no one plays. Sorry, reading independent escort we are in this together and it is important for both of us to enjoy it.

Two young people new and loving the lifestyle!.