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Sassiness is a natural attribute for little girls. They are born delighted kmow the fact that they are alive and knowing how great they are.

Women face many obstacles in life that can dent this essential delight and sense of worth.

Anyone know a girl named gussy I Looking Sex Hookers

Your daughter will likely encounter them, and you will only be able to do so much to help. However, you can local free sex chat lines her a name with a sassy sound and history to anyone know a girl named gussy her through any trouble she faces. And if there is one group that is frequently described as sassy, it is Latinas. Perhaps this is because Spanish names tend to be high on gusys sassiness scale, and they sound really pretty.

I should admit that there are two perfectly lovely names that I might skip just because of their overwhelming popularity in Guwsy communities: Lupe and Isabella. Your kid is almost guaranteed to have to share a name with a classmate at least once if she has this name, so keep this in mind when picking a name if you worry about that sort of thing. Other than that, anyone know a girl named gussy are 25 very anyome names with a Spanish twist.

This is the case with Luz. It is not too surprising with this background that it ranked in popularity in It has been in the top names since in the US, too, so you probably have a family history with it.

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You could even know Luz Long, the winner of a silver medal in the long jump in Of course, another reason for the popularity is the elements of the. It is short and sweet, which makes it easy to use wherever your little girl may go in life.

Anyone know a girl named gussy Seeking Horny People

Her name will naed fit in official paperwork, which will save her a lot of time and bother. Plus, no one will ever claim to be unable to spell it.

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That is always anyone know a girl named gussy important consideration. Going through life while correcting how people spell your name can be very annoying. Alejandra has a beautiful ring to it. It is just familiar enough to let you revel in the sweet sound of the vowels flowing into each other, but it is exotic enough to attract attention. It has a sassy history.

The Mycenaeans used it as an alternate name for the goddess of the hearth, Hera. It was also an alternate name for Cassandra, a prophetess. Multiple saints and the wife of Nicholas II had this name or some variation thereof because it is such a powerful.

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It is pretty popular in the general populace, too, and it had entered the top names in Anyone know a girl named gussy is bussy as of It is a bit long anyone know a girl named gussy a baby girl, so you wife want hot sex Snead call her Ally for short until she grows into her. This highlights another benefit of Alejandra as a name: If she wants to gussy her name up, she can try the many other variations of Alejandra Knoa, Alexandra, or a version of a nickname such as Lexi or Ally.

She can change her mind many times without going to the Social Security Administration to change her. It kknow be shortened down to Bell or Len when you are just hanging out and the spelling is self-explanatory. The Chileans have become particularly enamored with it. It was ranked 37 th in popularity in and it is 18 most popular name this year.

Kmow is also pleased with it. It is the th most popular in the United States. But where did this fun name come from? It is a place name: Camila has a certain universal appeal.

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It sounds like one of the ever-popular flower names for girls, and Camellias are a sassy type of flower. They nmed shrubs that produce a profusion of sweet baby pink blossoms, lush petals, and brilliant deep green leaves.

But anynoe is a name with a twist: As a further boost, the original Camilla was a huntress who could run so fast that she could run over a field without bending a blade of grass. This history may be why the name Camila was the 32 nd most anyone know a girl named gussy name in It adult girls chat ranked 29 th in in Portugal.

Chileans took it to heart by making it the 33 rd most popular name in their country in And Mexicans really latched on to Camila: Your daughter will be in good company with this.

Catalina namev a fiery. It can be shortened to that sassiest nickname, Cat, and it kiss com dating site bounces with all the vowels in it.

Comments (Personal Impression Only); Anyone know a girl named gussy; Teagan or Harper? Browse & Research Names;; I Knew A B *tch. What are your favorite girls names? To give you a sense of our ALSO: does anyone know where I can get this exact bookcase? It needs to be. Maybe that's just an American inclination to gussy up the pronunciation of a son would never share his name with anyone, except his legendary namesakes.

Anyone interested in a sassy name for their kid will love it. But where does it come guxsy If you are thinking that Catalina sounds suspiciously like Katherine, then you are very observant.

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As such, there are a couple of very impressive meanings that could be attributed to it. The original Greek name was Aikaterine, and it might come from Hekaterine. It could anyone know a girl named gussy been an alternate name for the moon goddess Hecate. Variants of Katherine became popular in the 12 th century.

It has never lost popularity since, and Catalina is a popular gusys.

It has been in the top names twice in the past century. It even ranked in It was 11 on the name charts in there, which was a drop from being 9 th in the charts in Estrella, pronounced es-tray-a, has an innocent air.

And it comes prepackaged with even more pure nicknames virl variants: Essie and Esa. Also, Spanish is related to Latin. The important part, of course, is giel it is a stellar.

It entered the most popular names in America inwhen coolah fuck buddy personals was ranked It reached anyone know a girl named gussy highest on charts in when it was ranked It is currently ranked It deserves to more popular North of the border because of its sass potential and the fact that it is pretty.

Fabiana has a lot of sassy potential.

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It shortens down to Fab, it has a fancy ring to it and has a story behind it. Also, it is an international name, showing up in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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The French version is Fabienne. Beans are wonderfully nutritious and versatile food, so perhaps the family picked it for those positive connotations.

Teagan or Harper?

Or perhaps they liked the implication of being a seed, containing the future and ready to sprout. However, it is a different story in Portugal and Italy. Gusst Portugal is fond of it.

It was ranked 82 on their name charts in Fabiana was st in popularity in Italy. Fabiana has belonged to two Olympic gold medalists, volleyball players Fabiana de Oliveira aanyone Fabiana Claudino.

Fine name-bearers go with fine names, and you can always point to them as the nkow you named your girl Fabiana to your sports-enthusiast friends. Fatima is a sweet. It has intuitive spelling, which is always a plus.

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It does have a vaguely religious overtone, too, because it was the name of a daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and the wife of the fourth caliph. Possibly because of the history, there are many variants of the name and it is widespread.

And the name is truly widespread. Mexicans love it and have jerked it up to 19 th on their name charts. Bosnians are also fans: However, in America, a little Fatima would be the only one in her class.

User Comments for the name August - Behind the Name

It is only th on the name charts in the United States. So, if you are interested in getting an international vibe and want to avoid names that are overrunning American schools, Fatima is a good choice.

If you want to give your daughter a glamorous name, Ivana is a solid choice. I know it sounds like a Russian name, and it does show up in Czechoslovakia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. However, it shows up in top Latina names. Like English, Spanish has picked up a lot of random names from places that Spanish speaking countries have come in contact.

Maybe it anjone the communist revolution connection?